About Us
  Jolly Snacks was founded in Ontario in 2008 and took the vending industry by storm with its innovative twist that allowed everyone in the workplace to interactively vote on what snacks would appear in the office vending machine.


This new approach has been widely praised by HR professionals, as it adds a whole new dynamic to the workplace. Employees feel empowered through having a say in their snack choices, and have fun participating in the interactive online voting experience.


There is absolutely no charge for having a Jolly Snacks Interactive Vending Machine in your workplace. Our fast and friendly service, prompt restocking, plus the full interactive voting experience are also 100% free.


Employees will no longer have to lose valuable productivity time by walking to the gas station or convenience store to find their favourite snack. Employees absolutely love it because they get the unbelievable convenience of having all their favorite snacks and drinks just down the hall. In addition, the International Labor Office (ILO) found that inadequate nourishment can cut productivity up to 20%. This ultimately means that having a totally customized vending machine keeps employees happy, nourished, on-site and ready to work.


Jolly Snacks proudly supports a healthy lifestyle and offers a wide variety of healthy snacks in addition to the various ‘junk food’ items found in most common machines.


The Jolly Snacks vending machine is state-of-the-art and uses the latest in coin mechanism and bill acceptor technology to ensure complete customer satisfaction. The food is kept at the optimal temperature and the drinks are kept cool for the ultimate refreshing feeling. All this is accomplished while using only the same amount of power as a light bulb.


Jolly Snacks prides itself on customer service. Our standard is to go the extra mile and ensure that everyone has a flawless experience. If there is ever a problem, our friendly, professionally trained technicians are only a phone call away, and will come to your location right away.


Jolly Snacks is based out of Toronto, Ontario and is a division of Hero Tickets Inc.